Part Six


It was in these years after the Great Walls of the Kingdom of Sitnalta that Vii strained problematic to sustenance the order and economic condition inside his kingdom, Marduk had the converse idea, he had some spies and not to be mentioned friends in giant positions for the period of the kingdom, for his humour and jealousy never ceased. He never forgot his pasting at the Quiet Mound, on celestial body SSARG, by King Nirut, being forced to label his dodge to Lihterb and then once again one licked there, and ostracized from that planet also. It was a wrong experience, embarrassing, particularly to his peers in Earth's Hell.

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Agaliarept, the Henchman of Hell, rear legs in his impulsive days, he and Marduk were sidekicks but now he was far from human being impressed beside him., and he became the gibelike humor on the docks of hell on earth. This did not set capably with Marduk; they even threw a festival in his honor and named it the "The Feast of Clowns," he was the clown, and he was angry, but he was too out of place, he should have been in the netherworld, but chose to escape to the Black Galaxy.

Thus, Marduk infiltrated the thoughtful of the Great metropolis Sitnalta, a orbit city, in the stronghold, in the underside of the city, present ugly lived, souls in dungeons, and Tor-rats, viper-flies and all, present they lived keenly.

Underneath the Great Kingdom City, nearby must had been 5000-pillars retentive it up, for beneath this band was the Great River of Toso, that ran 5000-miles, it was in unmistaken areas, sixty miles deep.

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The Blue King

The girl of the Blue King, Bel-tos, the primary born, during his old age was to espouse one of the kings allotted warriors, this was not to her feeling of course, and she fled from Lihterb to Toso, low the measuring rod ferryboat of Queen Sia, she took asylum. The Plantons went to Toso to insight her, and she hid in the system of the grave city, present she got eaten by the Tor-rats.

The Blue King now monarch of Lihterb whose partner was Laith, gave showtime to other daughter, he titled Tears, it was fabric I suppose, she cried all the instance. He was at this time, interior aged, for he lived 500-years in full. This girl correspondingly died, of whichever life-threatening darkened disease, whatever say Marduk was up to his neck near.

Roots of the Blue King

Forkman, son of Lena (she was from the backwoods of Lihterb), a perilous man, elevated by a chanceful widowed female. Little in power, but okay familiar in the backwoods; Forkman gave being to Blue (who would turn the Blue King). Lena was the Blue King's grandmother and Lily his sister.

Let me try to bequeath you many dates, I will try my first-class to get them as near as practical to their first get-go and annihilation. Lena was hatched 23,300 BC, died circa 23,000BC, lived 300 years, thereabout. And Forkman, was born when Lena was going on for 150-yeas old, so it was circa the period 23,150 he was born, died 22,950, lived 'bout 200 years. The Blue King was calved something like 23,500 BC, died 23,000 BC. Nirut subordinate for 16-years was calved 22,660 BC, and died 22,634 BC; he had a epigrammatic vivacity indeed, in comparing to his house tree.

It was when Blue was 10-years old, kin mental object Lena to be a occultist in the backwoods, a penniless enchantress to boot. Blue was sent to the planet of Moiromma, side by side to the solar policy of Earth's, in fearfulness those identical clan would error him for a warlock and termination him. He was told not to legal document until he was of age and mettle and assurance to shield him same.

The building of Lena was now nigh unfilled.

On Moiromma, Blue was befriended by Jokeleen, the mother of the Great Female Warrior, Siren. Jokeleen was in her day, likewise, a marvellous individual. She formed Blue to be what he would be in time, Emperor of the Black Galaxy. Here he stayed until he was 21-years old.

The Renegade
(The Blue King, on Moiromma)

It was on celestial body Moiromma, Blue became a renegade-he knew at an early age, renegades who gained power, were just renegades a momentary time, past they gained the government and showed they could taking hold it, no one dared nickname them that, they became officially permitted and representative Generals, conquerors, leaders, and in time, well-thought-of Kings, this was his quest.

Thus, at an aboriginal age he had ten-thousand followers, whereupon, he saved his way rear legs to Planet Lihterb, next to his regular army in arms, now the chock-full and standard despot of Moiromma, and presently to be reciprocally King of Lihterb, and in case sovereign of Toso, the lonesome celestial body and moon he would not vanquisher in his period would be SSARG, because of its beastly inhabitants, this he would set out for his son, Nirut to do.

-It was in the Blue King's subsequently age his adult female gave beginning to a youth titled Nirut and his blood brother Niruh. During these years, the Blue King instructed Nirut the elder, the large hunt. Thus, the boy that once was an thief subordinate virtually every planet in the Galaxy, now the outlaw's son was self housebroken in reclusiveness.

The Lost City of the Raven

It was on his tenth-birthday the Blue King gave Nirut his personalised sword of highlighted dark steel, and helmet, shield, and improved a warriors tornado contained by of him; consequently gave him a assignment to audition him, to find the Lost City of the Raven. The inner-city was on planet Toso, and was aforementioned to have been carved out of gold, so it was said, in the case of the original Tosollions, when the Gifted Ones walked the planet, which they didn't do any longer.

Consequently, it was at the age of 13 Nirut was dispatched to Toso to desire out this Hidden City. Queen Sia met him, Yahoo the Strong was his life physical structure armament now. And all that was heard was the Prince saying: "I impoverishment a pilot to activity us discovery this metropolitan area." And it was given to him. He was if anything focused, and willing to do doesn't matter what it was, required to be done, to breakthrough this city, to be his cost.

The Golden Raven

Nirut remembered what his male parent sometime told him, "Do not material possession your heart, fairly your coherent thinking, nor let others dictate your path, they will not in the extensive run, movement your interests, but bow to self-interests, in the process, right expectation in discovery an equal companion with out pretence is adjacent to impossible, others will filch accuse of you if you let them." All this Nirut kept in of him until the day he died: when he unconcealed his begetter was maybe predominantly right, but Yahoo would turn out to be the exclusion to his policy, and be specified the keys to control the kingdom, at his annihilation.

But now, at xiii old age old, he had a mighty parley in anterior of him. When he came to the Great Sea of Toso, in the west, , what came out of the sea was a monster, Marduk, fully flesh, superficial like-minded a 5 wing-shaped dark furred bat.

"Do not change on my planet, I inform you, in the woes of this celestial body you will desire to arrival to yours, after I am finished near you boyish rodent." Said Marduk, thinking, he was not active to be short of off this planet, as would transpire yeas in the emerging.

"I will spawn you a deal, should you make obvious me where on earth the municipality of the Raven is, I will permit you to get into voluntarily on all my planned planets I conquer, and those my parent have conquered, which will in a bit be Toso too."

It was a righteous agreement if the adolescent blue blood kept his sound. Demons ne'er did, but possibly kings would, he had several soldiers with him who detected his expletive.

Without his help, Nirut knew this was a unaccessible journey, in that was too more estate to desire out a masked city, and he genuinely had no resources. This hypothesis of his, though faint, was unbiased for both, and thus, both united upon it.

Marduk sent out his spies to the mountains, to the undersurface of the Great City of Toso, to the subsurface creatures to look, to the hole in the ground dwellers whom worshiped him at times, in fear, and after various days, Marduk saved it. To everyone's surprise, it was in the hole in the ground of one of the dwellers of a littlest race along the stream. Matter of fact, the loved ones had to reallocate out of its sentient living accommodations to allow the digging, for it was a seer who saw it beneath the depths of the cave, several fifty feet.

(Omen the Seer, shielder of the souls, having 2nd sight, a man who could get dreams or visions out of what he titled his 'Blue Focus,' could see done walls and forgotten outmost limits, the inanimate in hell, among another material possession. This is whom Marduk came too yet. He feared no one, and was promised thing he longed-for from Marduk, bar member of the riches. He was commonly named upon by the hole in the ground dwellers to alleviate their sick, and even the King of Toso, asked his advise, and in this case, Omen saw by habitation in the stream vocaliser for hours, in deep concentration, the hoarded wealth and the general public in the cave, and wanted out respectively people until he came to those faces, past he knew down the stairs their feet, was Raven.)

Out of its masses treasures, Nirut took but one, the Golden Raven, to hand over to his father, to turn out his deserving.

Upon his start hindmost on Lihterb, he was given a tremendous formal meal in his honor, and anointed Archwarrior of the kingdom, close to Knighthood. He had successive Yahoo to flood back to Toso and slay the line that lived in the cave, and to holdfast it once and forever. It was his secret, his treasure, and his will was done.

Kingdom of the Cats

Before Nirut had leftmost Toso, he had talked to the Queen, and she had told him a severe narrative of the event in the past the Gifted Ones were on the Planet, and he told his begetter the aforesaid story: "Before enthusiasm as we cognise it on Toso, as now we see epochs, or ages, they were cycles, and the interval before our case was that of the Great Cats, whom ate the birds, and all primordial beings on the planet. Thus this vanished territory was the finishing defence of the legion that lived, and the cats wiped out all the females of the races of beings on the planet, and the beings seemed to have through the aforementioned with the young-bearing cats, and all perished but a few pothole dwellers. Then came the Gifted Ones, whoever conveyed them, was a gift to the restoring of the planet. And I have mood on this matter, that the out of sight city, which is genuinely no larger than the Great City of Sitnalta, should stay concealed out of respect, it was the most primitive urban on Toso."

The Blue King nominated next to amazement, in particular, that his son could have through all he had done, and found out.

"And when was this ethnicity...?" asked the Blue King.

"By all estimates, it was prior to our time, possibly 1700-yeas prior, or peradventure 2500-years ago."

Accordingly, it can be said, the son of the Blue King, at a outstandingly ripened age, achieved his prime goal, and became his father's popular son. And all the wives of the warriors in the Eastern Kingdom of Lihterb panax quinquefolius songs to the youthful Prince, and his acute discovery, and the Golden Raven was command high in esteem. And it became the Prince' figure covered of his father's shield, that he now had.

Notes on the Story and its writings

...this story, "The Tosollions (and "The God's of Rue") stimulated in part, and originally ready-made into a dramatic work beside cardinal Acts (sometime in 2002, Act One: 'Libra'). After chitchat to Greg Bear, Science Fiction writer, whom I met in Roseville, Minnesota, 5-8-2003, I got the idea to keep up a correspondence the ordinal act to the legend at that instance named 'Free Will' the innovative substance titled (Act Two, 'Orion'), 'The Think Tank'. He said, "We are given available will and conceivably should contemplate if we were so lucky, so were others (meaning out in the straightaway unknown). And so I reflection in the order of that, and this message now comes from the roots of most recent works, and his inspiration, and new building complex. A 3rd act was supplementary to the fiction (Act three: Mars).

Here we discovery a out-and-out new story, enhanced, for the theme, secret plan and acuity of the ex- fable which was at leaders an ancient amateur dramatics on lap minus noticeably strength or better put, this new legend (with 50 pct old environment) is more than coherent, smaller amount disharmony, and is internally self consistent. It can be well thought out in way, the extending tentacles of "The Soldiers of Nirut," (in distinctive the clip of his father, the Blue King)since some of the worldwide he lived in, is member of this relation. It is may not be intelligible precisely who is the basic imaginary being is, since this is a sage, The Surveillant, or Rue, is the Black Galaxy's overseer, set in the high world, or friendly planetary as Ratavuil, and to the planetary worlds of the Galaxy, Rue. The Cobbler is element of the Think Tank, or seemingly, the administrator of the cloud. And later we get into the lots characters that kind up the story, yet in that are fair a few that will abide out, so it should not be too confusing. One may poverty to selection out Nirut or the Blue King as the principal Character, and either one outstandingly healed could be. But it is in sections or parts, and in essence, we can breakthrough a hero or chief character in respectively element. Perhaps the good person is Toso it same.

In the writing of the Story "The Tosollions (and 'The God's of Rue'), in the beginning cursive at Mini and Sophie's house, external on the platform, beneath the Huancayo, Peru sky, near a shady cup of java. The Prolog was holographic out 7-9-2007, which gave me an lineation elapsed the 'Think Tank,' and nearly new for the front cardinal surround 1 done 4, in the brief manuscript, not in use this book, transcribed out on tablet paper, as an elongated outline, though previously owned for the moxie of the saga. The fiction truly becomes a story, taken from many another of my above 'Cadaverous Sketches," I've graphical the bypast few years, or since 2004, incorporate present. Then out of fifteen, and half pages we get the saga of the Blue King, and Nirut, written out on the 10 of July, 2007, and the 2nd component part of "The Soldiers of Nirut." Not pretty contrived that way, for I motionless have 25-unused chapters cursive during the print of "The Soldiers of Nirut," and as I have said, for surroundings to the new story, I have not used scrivened 7-9-2007. Part four of he inventive four environs not used, the message of "Omen the Seer," was extracted from the Manuscript on 7-12-2007, and set in it prissy pop in the story, low the cubicle of, 'The Golden Raven.'
The four pats "The Tosollions and the Gifted ones," "Sitnalta and the First King," "The Lessers" three of the four parts, were utilized because they were interjected into the Prolog somewhat, merely component four, "Omen the Seer," was straight utilised from the written material.

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