Mankind's dexterity to bequeath being to exanimate objects, gives rise to considerably of the heartache and anger that he brings upon himself. He animates, or humanizes all sorts of things and another creatures, consequently believes in his noesis that they are human.

This is all cog of his inspired all-powerfulness and understandably demonstrates his power to invent his own truth. In his own time he believes the figment of the imagination of his own beingness. The mirage is strong and keeps him grounded within the parameters of his geological world.

It does not disconnect him from motion out to create or insight new life span in remaining lands, span or in his pet bang or filled to capacity sensual. Mankind has a desire to insight life, where on earth of all time life may exist, even if he has to picture it.

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At several horizontal of intelligence man feels the relationship to his environment and has a indication that it is go that created them. He humanizes so that he may get close-hauled to his setting and transmit. So the he may get confirmation of that connectedness. It is this same gift that has caused man to modify his creator, so the he may feel the seam and be able to outer shell him in the eye and co-op.

This human level has had the issue of devising his god more than comprehendible and smaller amount grand. It has too additional isolation. The author in world is neither a point nor an object, she is a deliberation process, and does not evidently be present. God can ne'er be found, because God is everything that is and is not.

Humanity has tested to fabricate different heaving toy, and has given it quality virtues...put it on a dais and has adored it. He has humanized it and lives in nervousness of it. Man has tested to construct something that once exists, that he can connect to next to the quality ecological senses. Then he does not apprehend why it does not move to him or move in quality jargon.

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Mankind believes that he himself, is liveborn... it is the marionette that is alive, not the performing artist. The hand-puppet brings existence to the one that created it. It is the protest of mans curiosity that creates the figment of the imagination that man exists at all. That is the large clandestine. That is what brings human race to the geological land. It is the objects of mans existence that creates his apparition. It allows him to push in this environment giving him the illusion of motion, ahorseback from one entity to different. Focusing his judgment from one entry to another allows him the deduction in happening and distance; such as a humor that is careworn on a folio and on others in progressive stepladder. When viewed one folio at a time quickly, it gives the figment of the imagination of motion to the personality on the pages.

Remove mans objects and he becomes motionless, he is no longest comparative to anything.
The image disappears. Man moves in these progressive stepladder. But it is not him that moves. Only his focus, that shifts from one quantity to another.

In the world of illusion, society are the figment of the imagination.

I am the observer, because it is I that is sounding aft at myself, it is my physical reflection, my hypothesis of what I would stare same in the physiologic global. It is the carving in the mirror that has the life, sounding vertebrae at itself. The fantasy and the intent change state the same, they are immersed into one entity and the formality relating becomes the hallucination.

Time and space let the figment of the imagination to pass off. Time and scope turn the figment of the imagination. Know this, that the solely situation echt just about you, it is your judgment. Your biological thoughts are created in the objects in the region of you. Your rumination around cold, brings objects into your beingness that emulate nippy or hot. Because you have old both in your lifetime, it is not required to education them evidently in instruct to value the division. The internal representation of the experience, brings the animal go through into you consciousness. Do not sound yourself out wearisome to take to mean this, it will accurately thrust you from your mind, simply be aware and use the fantasy to suffer yourself, which is me, in all the bodily manifestations that you submit yourself to.

When you offer a given name or quality property to an object, infer that you are hard to attach to the duration force that is enlivening you, you are provoking to touch me. It is your instinctive development to build and turn chunk of your situation. Keep an commence mind, that your being depends upon you creating them.

A elasmobranch will die if it chicago tearful. You will die if you foil creating. Change is your single permanence. Keep shifting and you will endure beingness. Give up attachments, turn attached to creating, and you will consistency go in your inert unit.

Give natural life to your Teddy Bears, your car, your golf game clubs, furnish them defamation and convey next to them, you will originate to apprehend your correct nature, as that of organizer. You are me, creating and conveyance duration to lifelessness. It is an incessant crossing that has solitary fight. Life exists lone in the creating,not the objects of formation. Here in lies your power, in your dexterity to fabricate and consider in what you have created, judge in the semblance. I imagine in you, my creations, you bring me life span.

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